2000W Carbon Fibre Wall-Mounted Heater


The carbon fibre wall-mounted patio heater is built with convenience in mind. This electric patio heater features an instant response time within 3 seconds, giving you immediate warmth and comfort. This electric outdoor heater also features a 10,000hour carbon fibre lamp, remote control for easy operation, and waterproof housing.

  • Longer wavelength infrared rays for more efficiency and comfort
  • Remote Control Operation 4 Power Settings, 24 hours timer control
  • Non-glare, soft lighting
  • IP55 Waterproof Rating



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Instant Response Time

The outdoor electric heater comes with a carbon fibre lamp which provides 10,000 hours of service life and heats up within 3 seconds. This is the best response time of any electric outdoor heater in the UK and Ireland. It means that once you switch on the electric patio heater’s lamp, you and your guests can remain outside without the fear of getting cold.


Precise Heating Control in the palm of your hand

As well as being able to switch the electric heater on instantly, the included remote control with this electric outdoor heater supports adjusting the heating level and timer control. So you can now decide for how long the electric heaterremains powered. Just in case you forget to turn it off!


Waterproofing at its best.

One of the main elements of this electric patio heater that puts it above the rest is the waterproofing. The carbon fibre wall-mounted patio heater is certified with an IP55 waterproof rating, protecting the electric heater against harsh weather conditions. After the rain has come and gone and your patio area is soaked, at least your electric outdoor heater remains dry!

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions

    90cm x13cm x 9cm

  • Weight


  • Heat Lamp

    Carbon Fibre Element

  • kW Rating