Provence portable gas heater (burgundy)


The Provence portable gas heater requires no chimney or flue. What’s more, there is no mains gas connection required meaning that the fire is fully portable. There is no installation or assembly required either. Simply connect to a gas cylinder and start to enjoy this effective gas heater.


  • No flue or chimney required
  • Solid cast iron
  • Real flame gas fire
  • Safety oxygen depletion cut-off device
  • Fitted with 4 castor wheels
  • includes regulator and hose for 11.34kg butane cylinder

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Provence Portable Gas Heater

This winter, consider treating a family member to a Sahara gas heater. Sahara offers you the best gas heaters for your home, such as the Provence indoor gas heater. Connect the Provence to a butane cylinder, and you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth of a gas fire within minutes.

A vital feature of the Provence portable gas heater is its ability to be moved from room to room. Let’s say you were entertaining guests in the living room, but you wanted to move into the kitchen. You do not have to worry about moving to a cold room by wheeling the Provence portable gas heater into any room of your choosing. Because the gas cylinder fits inside of the gas heater, then it’s really easy to transport.

The Provence indoor gas heater has some of the best safety features of any gas heater. The gas fire has a sensor that detects the level of oxygen in the room. If the air quality deteriorates, it switches off immediately! Additionally, if the gas fire on the Provence goes out, the flame failure kicks in and immediately shuts off the gas supply.

The Provence portable gas heater is available in five different colours to match its surroundings, so we are sure you will find one to match your decor.