Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill


Traeger Ironwood® 885 Features:

  • Ironwood D2 Controller
  • WiFIRE® Technology
  • D2® Direct Drive
  • Turbotemp®
  • Grillguide®
  • Tru Convection® System
  • Traeger Downdraft Exhaust® System
  • Super Smoke Mode
  • Traeger Pellet Sensor
  • Meat Probe With Storage Compartment
  • Double Side Wall Interior
  • Adjustable Two-Tier Grate System
  • Dual Position Smoke / Sear Bottom Grill Grate
  • Adjustable Top Tier Extra Grill Rack For Optimal Heat Distribution
  • Stainless Steel Side Shelf With Hooks
  • Exterior Storage Hooks For Extra Grill Rack
  • Hopper Clean-Out
  • Sawhorse Chassis
  • All-Terrain Wheels
  • Locking Casters
  • Product Dimensions:
  • Height – 119cm
  • Width – 135cm
  • Depth – 69cm
  • Product Weight:
  • 78kg

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Traeger Ironwood 650 with WiFIRE

The Ironwood 650 was created to elevate your craft. Take command of your grill and impress family and friends with Beef Brisket to die for, Salmon to salivate over and party-popping smoked cocktails. Traeger’s set-it and forget-it ability makes cooking as simple as choosing your desired cooking temperature on the controller and making sure your hopper is full of hardwood pellets.

Perfectly built for the UK & Ireland. Its double side-wall insulation improves temperature consistency and pellet efficiency in cold weather.


Traeger’s Super Smoke mode lets you blast your food with 100% hardwood smoke. This breakthrough in grilling technology revolves around precision fan control, enabling the grill to get the maximum delivery of smoke, at temperatures from 165 up to 225 degrees. D2 Ironwood controller Simple controls maintain precise temperature for consistent results every time.

Wifire Technology allows you to Control your grill anytime, anywhere using the Traeger App. Adjust temperatures, monitor food, browse over 1,600 recipes, download to your grill, and you’ll be creating favourites such as juicy roasted chicken, Pulled pork and succulent Beef brisket in no time.

Never let your wood pellet grill run out of pellets again The Traeger Pellet Sensor will alert you to add more hardwood pellets if you start to run low. Monitor the entire cook cycle from anywhere at any time through the Traeger App on your smartphone. Built-in meat probe allows you to monitor your food’s internal temperature without lifting the lid.