Valor Gasflame 16″ DGF Gas Coal effect


The Valor Gasflame is a stylish Decorative gas fire tray (DGF) that provides almost endless interior design options – a coal fuel bed  allowing you to bring an existing 16″ fireplace opening to life!


DGFs can be used in large chimney openings to create a realistic open fire look as unlike inset fires, they consist of just the fire basket, without the “box” unit surrounding it, giving all the charm and appeal of a real fire without the hassle

Max Heat Input of 6.85kW meaning an air-vent is not normally required

Suitable for natural gas homes as standard with optional LPG conversion kit available

Manual Control tapered gas tray with controls at the bottom of fire

Suitable for Class 1 (real chimney) or Class 2 Pre-Fabricated flues subject to adequate space to accommodate the fire